Why You Need A Water Filter

Home filtration is necessary because regardless of municipal water treatment, some level of bacteria, chemicals or drugs still remains in your water supply.

These contaminants, have been linked to a host of health problems including cancers and learning disorders.

The well-respected Ralph Nader Research Institute asserts that there are more than 2100 cancer-causing toxic chemicals found in the water supply throughout North America.

So what have millions of people done – turned to bottled water.

Many companies saw the selling of bottled water as a way to provide so called clean and healthy drinking water. It even became kind of popular to walk around with a bottle water in hand, just like celebrities do. It still is.

Unfortunately, a popular study showed that 25% of bottled water is slightly cleaner or no cleaner than tap water. And even worse, unlike your tap water, the bottled water industry is not as strictly unregulated; which could leave you the consumer, totally at risk.