Best Water Softener Reviews (TOP 16)

In this guide we will take a look at the best water softener reviews with the top 16 water softeners available in 2020 making our list. It can be very complicated to find a suitable water softener with all the different water systems available, making the average consumer confused with all the different features, options, brands, and types.

Water is a very important element of our life and it is important that we drink clean water and ensure that the water we get from the tap are not polluted with the chemical and toxic elements. In that respect we also have to be aware of hard water problems. So, what is going to be the solution to these problems? A water softener system that that is efficient enough to solve these problems by making the water softer and getting rid of toxic elements.

We have created this guide to make things easier for you with our water softener reviews of different brands. It will help you to find your most desired water softener system as well as you will be able to know, which system is a perfect match for your home or RV use. So, just scroll down and read my comprehensive review about the best water softeners.

16 Best Water Softeners

1. Aqua-Pure AP902 Whole House Water Filter System Review

Aqua Pure AP902 is a water filtration system that has a well-renowned reputation of providing high-quality and fresh water to households across the country. It is built with a single cartridge system that includes stainless steel head as well as locking latch. Additionally, this water filtration system will remove contaminants such as dirt, rust and corrosion alongside sediment to make the water pure and tasty. Besides, it is equipped with the Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design that will permit the user to change the filter at ease and it will help to extend the life span of many appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers and clothes washers. The reason behind this is that it will prevent these appliances from getting blemished by the hard water and reducing the contaminants.

This water filtration system from Aqua Pure has a variety of features that will keep the home appliances at shape. It has 1” inlet/outlet connections that will serve to the high flow rates up to 20 gpm. The SQC design will enable you to change the cartridge easily and it has a capacity of filtering up to 100,000 gallons of water. Additionally, for Sweat-in-place installation, the 304 stainless steel head will come handy and there is Die Cast Zinc Anti-Rotation Collar & Locking Latch in the filtration system as well. Lastly, it has 25-year limited stainless steel head warranty and it has materials that comply with the FDA CFR-21 compliant rules.

After installing the Aqua Pure AP902, you will enjoy several benefits and that include clean and pure water because the carbon filter reduce the chlorine taste and odor. Other home appliances will be benefitted as this filtration system will protects them from various chemicals as well as improves the efficiency of water heaters up to 27% by reducing sediment. Finally, Aqua Pure AP902 is well-suited for large families and idea for light commercial applications.

2. Fleck 5600 Metered Water Softener on Demand Control Head Valve Review

Fleck 5600 Metered Water softener is a great water softener that has an on demand control head valve that is used to regulate consistent flow of water. Fleck 5600 Metered Water softener will allow you to drink pure water that is free from the adverse effect of calcium and magnesium. It will also control the usage of salt as this softener has a capacity of 65-80% salt usage. Additionally, it will help you to measure your daily water usage as well as it regenerate the conditioned water accordingly. What’s more, the control valve has been popular among consumers for its reliability. Furthermore, the water softener will need an electric power of 110 volts and it can fit all regular tanks. It will make the installation easier and hassle-free as well.

This water softener is equipped with the latest technology and the features are quite extensive. The Metered on demand regeneration system will reduce the salt along with the wastage items of the water and it will ensure sufficient treated water as well. Additionally, you will find a transformer that is connected to the standard 100 volts outlet to control the flow on the brine and drain lines. Additionally, the bypass valve will regulate the used water flow after it is being treated by the softener to reduce chemicals. Besides, the available yoke connection is cost-effective and simple for people who already possess a bypass loop in place. So, it will make the maintenance and service work an easy-to-perform task.

3. Scalewatcher Small Wonder Hard Water Treatment Unit Review

Scalewatcher Small Wonder hard water treatment unit is a specialist water conditioner that will extend the life of the hot water heater and appliances. This product is an eco-friendly unit that doesn’t need salt. It can eliminate lime scale, as well as hard water, and with this water conditioner, you can save money, water, and energy. Additionally, this product comes with two-year limited warranty along with 120 days money back guarantee.

The installation of the unit is very easy. In addition to this fact, Small Wonder is an effective unit with water hardness up to 20 grains per gallon as well as pipe size up to one inch. After buying the product, you will get lots of benefits. It will provide a whole house protection to the appliances and it has the capacity to increase the water flow in rigorous scaled system. Besides, you will be able to eliminate an unpleasant scale from the faucets, showerheads, toilets, etc. Apart from this, this product will significantly improve the soap lathering and water heater efficiency.

Scalewatcher water conditioner was officially approved by the Los Angeles Sanitation Department to change the illegal salt-softeners and this system works well on the following pipes:

  • PVC  Pipes
  • Pex Pipes
  • Copper Pipes
  • Galvanized or Rubber Hose

So, whether this unit is used for industrial or for commercial need, it will certainly save millions of gallons of water and thus, it will contribute to the environment by saving the energy as well.

4. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review – Water Softener Alternative

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a cheap and salt-free system that comes with environment-friendly features Unlike the traditional water softeners, this unit will prevent and remove hard water buildup in pipes and protect other appliances as well, e.g. diswasher, etc.. This water softener employs the technology of electromagnetic waves that reduce the consequence of calcium, magnesium, and manganese ions. However, it will not alter the chemical hardness of the water (TDS), which is helpful because the core positive effects of calcium along with other particulates will be preserved.

Eddy Electronic Descaler has a compact size with a dimension of 6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches. Additionally, you can run the unit on approximately 5 watts or 110 volt system. This water softener has numerous benefits. You will not encounter any problem when installing the softener in your home or office. The limescale from the water will be removed completely and the healthy minerals in the water will be preserved as well. It has 12-month 100% money back guarantee with the option of lifetime repair or replace warranty. Lastly, this softener will soften your water and you will feel no hardness in your water while bathing. Besides, this unit is an eco-friendly unit that will consume less space in your home.

5. Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System Review

Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System is efficient in removing rust, dirt, sediment, and suspended particles from the municipal water. This unit is well-suited to be installed at ¾ inch supply line having a filter size of 50 microns. Additionally, it consists of three additional replacement filters as well as a wrench. The maintenance of the filter is quite easy as it has a built-in bypass valve system and you will not need to shut off the water to complete the filtering process. Furthermore, the filter contains a wide operating pressure range that has a score of 20 PSI to 100 PSI and it comes along with a one-year replacement warranty as well.

It has Stainless Steel screws for easy installation and plumbing fittings. So, you can install the unit without any difficulty. The filter operates in a temperature range of maximum 100 Fahrenheit to minimum amount of 50. Besides, it has a dimension of 13.75” x 5” H by 5”. The filtration performance of Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System is considerably high and you will get water that is free from chemicals or organic odor. In addition, the filter is NSF tested and certified. You can visually see the operation of the filter. It has the flexibility to adjust the filter and you can change the frequency by three months or less as well.

6. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Review

Fleck 5600SXT is a high-quality water softener that is suitable to medium-large home or office requirements. This unit makes it to our water softener reviews based off its excellent quality. It comes with a fiberglass resin tank that provides better filtering performance than traditional water softeners. Additionally, it has electronic control system that helps the user to manage the filtering process in a better way. This water softener possesses an easy-to-understand LCD display and you can easily install it in your home or office. Besides, Fleck 5600SXT has the capacity to clean the impure water as well as it is an eco-friendly water softener.

Furthermore, this water softener has a convenient size plus built and it will be shipped with all the necessary components. It has a complete Whole House Water System with a Detach Brine Tank and there is also a digital control head with 3/4″ bypass valve as well. In addition to these features, the unit is equipped with a brine tank with safety float valve, one internal moving part in the unit, compact turbine-electronic meter, and engineered with double backwash. You can control the softener as it has computer control system and there are four modes of operation for regeneration work.

You will get lots of benefits from this water softener. It is easy-to-install and it has adjustable time cycle, which makes it easy to replace the filters. Plus, it has a 10-Year warranty on tank and a 5-Year Warranty on head that provides a long warranty option. Lastly, you will be able to soften the hard water to a standard level and you will definitely enjoy the durability of Fleck 5600SXT.

7. WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener Review

WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener is specially designed to increase the soap’s effectiveness as well as to maximize the utilization of water supply by abolishing salt substances from the water that causes hardness. Moreover, this softener has the ability to soften as much as 70 grains in each gallon and it can reduce the dirt along with the sediments up to 10ppm. This unit has a compact design and it makes it a portable water softener, which can be placed in any part of the home or office. Besides, the materials that are used to make this water softener are high-quality and it guarantees the durability of the unit as well.

Furthermore, the WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener has some outstanding features such as the built-in 20 micron whole-house dirt and sediment filter, whisper quiet operation, compact in size, demand regeneration operations, factory installed bypass valves, and great design architect. After buying and using the softener, you will enjoy several benefits. This is a noise-free water softener and you will be able to work in quite environment. Additionally, it is easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain. You will get pure and clean water with great taste by using the WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener.

8. Aquasana EQ-SS20R SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener Review

Aquasana EQ-SS20R is the latest water softener from the Aquasana Company and it is a famous brand in the water purification framework industry. This water softener has the capacity to remove calcium, magnesium, and other chemical contaminants from the water. Additionally, it will decrease the impact of hard minerals from the water as well as it will ensure the longevity of your home appliances along with the pipes by eliminating the scale of barium, calcium and magnesium development.

Furthermore, the Aquasana EQ-SS20 has several unique features. This water softener employs the inventive technology of SLOW PHOS technique (A salt-free water softening engineering) and along with the product, this technology is NSF tested as well. Moreover, the unit is lightweight in nature and brings eco-friendliness to your home. This water softener will consume less electricity, as well as you are not required to change the filters in six months. It can improve the lifespan of the home appliances and it will not pollute the environment too. Lastly, Aquasana EQ-SS20 is a durable water softener that will certainly add value to your life with its tasty water.

9. Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 10,000 Grains Portable Water Softener Review

Watts RV PRO-1000 is a cost-effective water softening system that can be installed in the RV (recreational vehicles). This water softener protects the internal piping system of the RV by utilizing the salt to condition the water. Additionally, it requires a constant regeneration of the system and this regeneration is done manually by using a small amount of salt (weighing at just 2 pounds) on a monthly basis. Besides, the regeneration process will only take 20 minutes and the water that are generated through this softener are well-suited to appliances because a lack of blockage.

Furthermore, it has a grain capacity of 10,000 and this softener is a perfect match for the small family. It is easy-to-install and maintain. The design of the softener is well-built and compact. Additionally, the most important feature of this unit is the portability. With that being said, it has several first-rate features such as the custom designed flow valve, Full cradle base, Built-in drain line VORTEX flow restrictor, high flow rates, and a high capacity resin. Plus, this water softener will come with a 10-year warranty, which is a great bonus for its users. So, this is a water softener that is light, portable, easy-to-setup, and affordable for every user.

10. Metered Water Softener with 1.25″ Fleck 7000 control, 64,000 Grain Capacity with By-Pass Valve (Review)

Metered water softener is a water softener from Fleck and it has a capacity of 64,000 grains. It comes with a high flow and low-pressure drop 1.25″ valve, which can handle up to 35 GPM (Gallon per minute). Additionally, this unit is equipped with new Fleck 7000 valve that uses the integral microprocessor based control system. It can minimize the salt consumption by the programmable control system that employs the efficient regeneration process. Plus, it has a resin tank that is poly lined and fiberglass reinforced as well as it is manufactured by the ‘Structure’. Moreover, it has several features such as the 2 ft3 premium grade ion exchange resin with high flow 1.25 inch distributor, bypass valve with 1.25″ connections, 18″ diameter x 33″ brine tank with grid and float assembly, etc. This unit has several similar characteristics with the Fleck 5600 sxt but differs greatly when it comes to grain capacity. This water softener is cost-effective and will offer you improved as well as quality water from your tap.

11. Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House Water Filter System Review

This water softener unit works while using a nucleation assisted crystallization (NAC) process and this process is extremely resistant to scale build-up as well. With this process, the unit will soften the water whereas converting the removed heavy metals along with minerals into crystals. All these crystals will be removed by the water and ultimately, they will be dumped out in the drain. Also, it will eradicate the need of extending the de-scaling process of the unit.

Usually, this de-scaling is needed because of hard water, but several tests have showed that 99.6% of the scale is obliterated to increase the life cycle of the water system. Furthermore, the unit has a pre-filter system, which is capable of removing all the salt, rust, and dirt that comes through the tap water. But all these things will be completely eliminated before they reached the water softener. Also, this water softener is an especial unit as it will keep all the beneficial water mineral. To conclude, this salt-based water softener is completely safe for the environment.

12. Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter Fleck 5600SXT Digital Metered Valve 64,000 Grain Review

This water filter is equipped with an iron filter and digital metered valve. It has a capacity of 64,000 grain to meet water requirements of a big family. You can easily remove toxic elements such as calcium and magnesium, which will provide you with soft water. This unit comes with a compact design and the installation is very easy. Besides, the water softener has a twin tank system that will allow you to have a high flow of soft water. Plus, it is more than capable of giving you a high performance since all of your home appliances will not catch hard water scaling. So, it is one of the best water softener units, which has the ability to give you pure and clean water with less hassle.

13. Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System Review

This unit of Aquios is not only a water softener, but also it is a water filter system with commercial-strength technology. The entire unit is built with compact and sleek design. In terms of performance, it can remove chlorine, sediment along with toxic elements from water. Besides, it is also a scale resistant unit that will block the calcium, and magnesium to create any hard water build-up. Ultimately, all the home appliances will not catch any of these elements and their lifecycle will increase significantly. In addition to this, the natural technology that it uses is a polyphosphate additive. It is called Siliphos that can inhibit scale deposits and it will slowly remove scale build-up on pipes and appliances.

As a result, water will become softer than you can imagine. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with a carbon block filtration system (rated at 5 microns) along with commercial grade water conditioning. It will provide a full house and one-stop solution to all water needs. Moreover, the design of the unit makes sure that there is no pressure loss or reduction in water flow rate. Also, you will not require doing any programming or maintenance work for this water softener and filtering system. Lastly, this unit has a 20-year warranty for the housing and valve. So, it is a high-quality water softener with lots of advanced features.

14. Metered Water Softener with 3/4″ Fleck 5600SXT control, 48,000 Grain Capacity with By-Pass Valve (Review)

Metered water softener employs the most advanced technique of purifying water and this fact makes this water softener a flagship product in the water softener industry. This water softener can clean and get rid of all the salt deposits along with other impurities. Moreover, it is made with a ¾” fleck 5600SXT control system that has a bypass valve with the capacity of 48,000 grains. Besides, it will minimize the salt consumption by fleck valve which has an important microprocessor-based control. This programmable control system operates on high-efficiency regeneration.

In addition to all these facts, Metered water softener has a unique mechanism and a resin tank that is poly lined as well as fiberglass reinforced. Plus, this unit has two tank configurations with a poly-brine tank that includes a turbulator-type distributor. Apart from these features, this softener has a grid alongside float assembly system and it has lifetime mineral tank warranty as well as 5-Year control valve parts warranty. You will benefit greatly from this softener, as it can eradicate the sharp smell of hydrogen sulfide and the iron stains on a sink. What’s more, the chlorine smell and taste will be removed from the water and any form of dirt or clay elements are decreased from the drinking water as well.

15. NuvoH2O Manor Complete Salt-Free Water Softening System Review

NuvoH20 is a renowned water softener that offers natural hard water solutions. This unit of Nuvo employs a specific technology that will lower the pH level of water by using the process of chelation. With this process, the hard minerals will stay soluble and ultimately, the will not be able to harm the appliances. Also, NuvoH20 is a salt-free system that has the capacity to soften the water and it will remove as well as prevent hard water build-ups. Keep in mind that these hard water buildup cause deterioration in plumbing fixtures and in home appliances. The water softener comes with a compact size with a capacity of 60,000 gallons, which makes the unit a perfect match for six or more people. The conditioning process of this water softener is eco-friendly and you will enjoy soft, healthy water for your household needs.

16. Morton Salt Company 34M Wtr Softener Unit Msd34c Water Conditioner Review

Morton water softener system will permit you to condition the whole house water without taking a big space. It is different to other water softener units as it is not made with a separate brine and mineral tank. Rather this unit is created with both of them and it is considered a cost-effective model for its less use of salt than the other systems. Additionally, this water softener unit employs an ion exchange technology to soften the water and this technology works while exchanging the magnesium and calcium ions through softer water ions such as sodium.

Besides, this exchange process happens when water bypasses through a chamber, which has a tiny resin bead. Furthermore, this water softener is a 34,000-grain water softening unit, so, it is more than capable of meeting the demands of a big family. The installation is very simple and it comes with an installation guide. This model of Morton has a patented system saver technology that is known as ‘Look Ahead.’ All in all, this is one of the useful water softener units on the market.

Concluding Remarks

To sum up the review, I would like to say that this extended review will help you greatly as you will be able to know the ‘16’ best water softener of today’s time. Plus, if you have read the whole review, then you can decide to buy any of the water softeners. The reason for this statement is that you will get a clear snapshot of each of the water softeners in this review. So, make sure that you have brought the best water softener for your home or office use as it can affect your life greatly.

An Ultimate Buying Guide of Water Softener

Water softeners have become an indispensable part of our day-to-day life. Without these systems, we would be drinking impure and contaminated water. With that being said, it is important for us to buy the best piece of water softener for our home or office use. So, read this water softener guide and you will be able to choose the best one for your use.

Why to Choose the Best Water Softener?

As I stated earlier that the water softeners are significant in our day-to-day life, you should know what your water softener can do and what it can’t do. Moreover, a great water softener will save you a lot of money as it will keep the home appliances in tip-top shape by eliminating chemicals from the water. Additionally, the clothes that you wear will last for a long time as the mineral strains from the water will be removed.

Furthermore, you will get extremely soft water from the tap and the taste of the water will improve immensely as well. In addition to this, you will be healthy as you will be drinking pure water on a regular basis. Remember that water softeners usually soften the hard water, but it does not do the filtration work. So, it is vital that you choose the best system because it brings a lot of things to your daily life.

What Is Pure Water?

Theoretically, pure water means the water that is 100% free of all the impurities. In other words, the water that consist only H2O molecules and doesn’t contain other toxic substances or salts is regarded as pure water. However, it is quite impossible to say that the water we drink is completely pure as there are lots of impurities that can be found.  Now there are two types of water and they are as follows:

Soft water: The water that consist of little or no salts of calcium or magnesium or any other chemical elements.

Hard water: Hard water is the water that has calcium or iron salts and magnesium.  It also creates soap lather, which makes it difficult for the people to drink.

How Do Water Softener Work?

Water softener works on the basis of the ion-exchange process through which calcium along with magnesium ions are both swapped with sodium chloride by a particular resin. Moreover, the hard water will go into the pressure vessel and will pass through the resin beads. This is the place where the calcium, as well as magnesium, will be substituted by sodium. In this way, the hard water is softened by the water softeners and thus, this is the way through which water softeners work.

Water Softener Vs Water Filtration System Vs Reverse Osmosis System: The Core Differences

To know the core differences of these three systems, we have to go through each of the systems in a brief manner.

Water Softener: As I stated earlier that a water softener works on the ion-exchange or ionization process, it will replace the magnesium and calcium ions by sodium ions or salts. Additionally, it doesn’t filter the water instead it conditions or softens the water by substituting the dissolved minerals with fewer harmful minerals. These systems will bring a great taste to the waters and will keep the home appliances in perfect shape.

Water Filtration System: Water filtration system is a system that catches all the particles, which are bigger than 10-100 microns. Afterwards, it will again trap all the small particles and this process is the second filtration process. This system is much more secure than the water softener systems as they have the capacity to eradicate all the particles such as metals, non-metal, and dangerous bacteria’s.

Reverse Osmosis System: Reverse osmosis system is different than the other two systems. It is a process where dissolved inert solids, for instance, salts are eliminated from the water. This process is conducted through household water pressure that pushes the tap water by a semi-permeable membrane or membrane. Moreover, this thick membrane only permits the water to go through the system and block the passing of impurities or contaminants. Afterwards, these contaminated elements are flushed and passed down the drain.

Types of Water Softeners

As water softeners use the ion-exchange process to soften the hard water, you can categorize them into two types. These are ‘salt-based water softeners’ of ‘ion exchange systems’ and salt-free water softeners or ‘Descalers’. The salt-based water softeners can be divided into three types and they are sodium, potassium, and hydrogen. Apart from this, water softeners can be categorized on the basis of its storage capacity and, in that case, it can be single-tank water softener or it can be dual-tank water softener.

Additionally, the water softeners can also be categorized by the regeneration process and there are three types of water softeners. They are timer regenerated, meter regenerated, and manually regenerated. Keep in mind that the meter regenerated systems work on the basis of water consumption and, on the other hand, the time regenerated systems softens the water on the basis of preset time or regeneration time.

How to Choose the Right System?

There are lots of water softeners that can be found on the market and it can be a difficult task for you to choose the right system for you. So, you can consider the following aspects before choosing an ideal water softener system.

Firstly, you should consider why you will need a water softener. Is it a case of water taste or do you want to keep yourself healthy by drinking pure waters?

Secondly, you can calculate the overall cost of installing and maintaining the water softener and it will give a budget with which you will be able to choose a suitable system.

Next, you should consider the certifications of the water softeners. Generally, three organizations provide certifications to the water softeners and these organizations are NSF International, Underwriters Laboratories, and The water Quality Association.

Lastly, you can do a bit of research and analysis on which system is better in terms of performance and longevity. Also, you can look for the benefits as well as negative aspects of the each type of water softeners. These things will help you to take a decision and thus, they will help you in choosing the perfect water softener system.

Now that you have chosen the right system, you will dig deep to find out the best water softener. You should now consider whether the system offers reliable service, warranties, the whole installation process, how the system operates, what is the flow-rate or the exact size and capacity, etc.

The Best Water Softeners Brands

The following are the best water softener brands, which are providing great services to the people.

  • Culligan
  • Pelican
  • Kinetico
  • GE
  • Fleck
  • Kenmore
  • Morton
  • Whirlpool
  • Concluding Remarks

To conclude the guide, I would like to tell you that small things can make big impacts. When you are thinking of buying a water softener reading our water softener reviews can help you make a buying decision for a water softener or a water cleaning system; then you must analyze both small and big details. This will help you a lot while choosing the best-fitted system and thus, you can keep yourself safe and healthy by not drinking impure or contaminated water.