RV Water Softener Reviews (Best Products)

RV water softeners are like a portable version of the residential water softeners. They use the same ion exchange process to remove the hard water minerals, but they offer less capacity. Portable water softeners usually have the brine and mineral tank combined into one unit, so they are more compact in size. Most of them are lower priced compared to traditional softeners. RV water softening systems usually use table salt instead of the special softener salt. These units will allow you to soften the water almost anywhere you go. By investing into a portable water softener, you also invest into your RV by increasing the life span of the pipes, fixtures, water heater elements, ice maker, and other.

Below you can view a comparison of the best portable water softener models on the market. Under the table we have also prepared portable water softener reviews that will help you choose the product that would be ideal for your RV. All these softeners make an ideal choice for people who are constantly on the road.

Best Portable Water Softener for RV, Camping, and Traveling

1. Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener Review

Watts RV PRO-1000 (also called M7002) is the best seller among portable water softeners. It has the best price, highest rating and mostly really good feedback from users. If you travel a lot, you will see that many fulltimers in RV parks use this softener.

Measuring 21×9 inches, it’s not such a small unit, though still much smaller compared to traditional softeners. It will take up some space of your RV, but it will be well worth it.

You will be able to enjoy the ease of using this softener starting from its installation. For water softening Watts uses 2 packs of table salt that will provide about 1000 gallons of softened water. Many users commented that their units lasted more than a month before needing to regenerate. Like most other portable softeners, Watts RV PRO-1000 will also require manual regeneration of the unit. However, the unit features a unique Y valve that makes regenerating it really easy.

After hooking up the system, almost at once you will see a change in the quality of water and will be able to enjoy water almost the softest it can be. In the package of this softener you will also find test strips, so after installing the unit you can check the results.

2. On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT RV Water Softener Review

If you want a bigger capacity portable water softener for your RV or boat, then I would recommend to consider the On the Go OTG4-DBLSOFT model. It’s one of the largest RV water softeners, though it’s also design with a compact size. After a single regeneration it can provide up to 1600 gallons of water (or remove 16,000 grains). So an average that should last up to 40 days.

Like Watts softener, it uses the common table salt. Every regeneration process will require 2 packs of salt. The whole process is quite simple and will take no more than 30 minutes to complete. The softener is fitted with a high grade premium resin, a large mouth opening that makes it easy to add the salt when regenerating, convenient carry handle on top, and a 360 degree swivel that makes connecting the inlet hose a breeze.

The unit operates without electricity and the simple installation can be completed without any tools. The softener also includes a full cradle base for stable setting and a cap & plug feature to prevent any leaks when you are on the road. While using this system, you won’t see any water pressure drops and will still have high flow rates. After setting the unit up, you can test its performance with the included hardness test strips.

3. SoftSpot Nomad 400-Blue Portable Water Softener Review

SoftSpot Nomad can be used on RVs, boats or for car washing. In comparison to other models, it has the benefit of quicker regeneration that takes only 15 minutes. The softener uses the latest technology for providing truly softened water.

If your water hardness level is within typical city water conditions, then you will have about 2400 gallons of softened water after each regeneration process.

Unlike the above mentioned softeners, the SoftSpot Nomad uses water softener salt. It’s also a non-electric softener that has low operating cost. Some of its highlights include an industrial grade brass hose connections, swivel quick disconnect fittings, light weight, and easy portability.

4. DI-120 Cr Spotless RV Water Softener Review

For those looking for the perfect softener for washing a car, boat, motorcycle or house widnows, my top recommendation would be the DI-120 Cr Spotless water system. This system de-ionizes the water, taking out all the minerals that could potentially destroy your vehicle’s finish. Using this system, you can just wash your car and leave it to air dry with no spots forming on the surface.

The CR Spotless system includes a 20-inch cartridge with the de-ionizing resin. Depending on the hardness of water you have, the unit will provide up to 1000 gallons of deionized water with one single resin cartridge.

The system is easy and convenient to use. It comes with an integrated stand that makes lifting and carrying the unit around very easy. The softener also includes a TDS meter that allows you to measure at once the quality of the water that the system is producing. When you will see that the level has gone down to 020 ppm, it will time replace the resin in the cartridge.

Benefits of Portable Water Softeners

  1. Compact size, which makes them easy to carry and use.
  2. You will get all the benefits of using softened water. It includes no more dry skin or dull hair, better lathering soap, no more dingy looking clothes, improved lifespan of appliances and fixtures, and more.
  3. Ability to have soft water anywhere you go.
  4. Helps to avoid scale buildup on pipes, sinks, taps, etc.
  5. Portable water softeners are great for washing cars, boats and the like. As a result you will get a spot-free wash and will prevent rush stains.

Bottom Line

As most RV parks usually have very hard water, there are benefits that you can get with using a portable water softener. The models listed above in these portable water softener reviews are specifically designed for use on RVs, boats and campers. The last product is the best portable water softener for car washing that will leave the surface shiny and spot free. What these softeners have in common is good price, efficient performance, easy portability and use and compact designs. They offer different capacity so one model or the other might be more suitable for you. I hope that you have found useful the information in these RV water softener reviews.