Best Reverse Osmosis System (Reviews & Buying Guide)

For drinking pure and uncontaminated water, it is imperative that you select the best water filtration system. We all know that the water we drink is contaminated with a huge amount of impurities, bacteria, germs and chemicals. To add to this woe, there are a lot of companies who offer a water filtration system with a low-level of efficiency.

They promised so much during their promotional activities, but in reality, they perform way below than the expected level. In this contrasting moment, this guide will tell you about the best reverse osmosis water filters and thus, it will give you valuable insights of buying a perfect reverse osmosis water filter for use. So, let’s have a look at the top five reverse osmosis water filters.

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews

1. APEC 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Review

APEC or ROES-50 is a product from APEC that is considered as one of the best RO drinking water filtration system in the market. This filtration system is 100% built-in with U.S. material and it will guaranty water security as well. Furthermore, this unit is blessed with the latest technology for eliminating water contaminants such as virus, bacteria, heavy metals, fluoride, lead, and chlorine along with arsenic up to 99%. Additionally, the ROES-50 is integrated with the best heavy duty filters, which are used to pure tapwater as well as water from the well. This water softener is made with 100% lead-free chrome faucet and it will provide fresh, great-tasting water.

APEC is an NSF and FDA certified water filtration system. It has loads of premium features that will surely come handy while purifying the water. The unit is 100% authentically built with U.S. material and has the proper technology to remove contaminants up to 99%. The filters that will be used in the purifcation process are durable. Besides, it comes with a 100% lead-free chrome faucet as well. The design of the unit is compact and very easy-to-install. You can filter water up to 50 gallons in every 24-hour and the operating temperature ranges from 40°F to 120°F.

You will get lots of benefits from using the APEC. The price of the unit is economical and you will be able to remove almost all contaminants from your water. Besides, it is very easy-to-install and maintain. Above all, you will be getting clean and tasty water if you use the APEC water softener in your house.

2. Home Master TMULTRA Ultra RO Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis System Review

This reverse osmosis system is well-suited to well waters and it has a great reputation of removing contaminants as well as microorganisms from the water. It comes with Fast Flow RO (Reverse Osmosis) kit and the design of the unit will enable double flow of water from the tap. Equipped with modern features, this filtrations system has filter element and there is a housing feature for modular assembly. It allows you to change the filter easily and quickly annually.

Also, to change the filter, you will not require any extra tools. With that being said, the ‘Audible Alert’ feature will notify you about UV filter replacement. It will remove the tension of replacing the filter. Generally, Tap Master reverse osmosis units have received glowing reviews from the customers because they have larger hoses, which permits better flow rate. Not to mention that these filtration systems have Artesian’s demineralization feature. All of these things make them a beneficial water filter for customers.

3. iSpring RCC7 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review

With the best value RO system, iSpring RCC7 is a home water filter that will guaranty pure water from your home’s tap. This filtration system will ensure a continued flow of water as well as it will reduce contaminants such as chlorine, arsenic, lead, fluoride, and microorganisms. Additionally, it is a noise-free water filtration system that will make the water filtration process hassle-free and you will love its design as well. The features of the iSpring RCC7 are quite tremendous because all of the features will work to make the filtration process an easy-one.

It comes with the best value RO system as well as a 5-stage filtration technique along with auto shut-off valve. Moreover, there is an alarm or water detector and it will come with three-year kit. So, you don’t need to buy the parts frequently. What’s more, there is a wall-mountable bracket with quick fittings and the construction of the filtration system is solid. Lastly, it will offer 30-day money back policy and the water filter is certified by the NSF.

This water filter can remove contaminants up to 99% and it will clean all the impurities of the water with its 5-stage filtration system. Moreover, this unit is space-friendly unit that provides you a capacity of 3.2 gallon pressurized tank with an additional gooseneck, long reach, and lead-free faucet. Lastly, you can upgrade the filter with free updates time-to-time and after buying this unit, you will get a value added water filtration system in your home.

4. Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review

This is an ideal reverse osmosis filter that has the capacity to produce high-quality water. It is equipped inventive features and boasts a seven stage filtration process to filter uncontaminated water. It can remove 98% of chemicals, for instance – chlorine and chloramines. Also, it will employ a patented full contact technology, which will add magnesium and calcium for two times throughout the filtration plus in purification process.

The flow rate of Home Master TMAFC is twice better than the other reverse osmosis units and the most important feature of this unit is that it can re-introduce the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium back into the water. It will extend the life of the unit and for all these reasons; it has garnered a lot of positive feedbacks from the customers.

5. Hydro-Logic 31040 200-GPD Stealth-RO200 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review

This Hydro-Logic reverse osmosis filter has the best capacity to filter more waters than the previous systems. More specifically, it can generate up to 200 gallons in one single day. This is adequate enough to meet the demands of a big family. Now, when it comes to removing the contaminants from the waters, it has the ability to remove contaminants and chlorine up to 98%.

The design of the system helps to reduce the percentage of waste to 25%. This is better than the other reverse osmosis systems. Also, the whole unit is fully assembled. Therefore, you just have to plug the filter and start using it.

6. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review

This unit of iSpring is created in a way so that the users can install it without calling a plumber. It has a RO faucet and it is designed to restore the calcium along with magnesium. Remember that this restoration of calcium and magnesium will be extracted from the reverse osmosis process in which these elements were removed.

Contrasting the previous models, ISpring RCC7AK has six filtration stages where you will see a sediment filter, 5-micron GAC filter, carbon block filter, the reverse osmosis membrane, and the last stage entails the alkaline and mineral filter. Also, the last filtrations stage helps to improve the taste of the water and not surprisingly, this reverse osmosis filter got excellent client reviews. It shows that it is one of best units in the market.

7. Applied Membranes 5-Stage Home Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Review

This reverse osmosis unit is assembled fully and is ready for instant installation. It can generate up to 50 gallons of clean drinking water per day and it can eliminate 99% of dissolved solids, metals, harmful chemicals, and microorganisms from the water. It has an effective five stage filtration process that is used to produce first-rate water. This five stage filtration process include – a sediment filter, carbon blocking (Stage – 2 & 3), the reverse osmosis membrane, and Polishing Filter. Keep in mind that this unit employs the state of the art technology to clean the water. You can use this water for drinking, cooking and other household chores.

Why to Choose the Best Filter System?

When you think of buying a water filtration system, you should sit back for a while and analyze what are things that you expect it to deliver. The most important thing that a water filter can give you is that it can eliminate the impurities such as aluminum, copper, iron, chlorine, odor, etc. Also, you would expect it to assist in extending the lifecycle of your appliances. The reason behind this is that tap water tends to damage the efficiency of the appliances and again, this damage is done by the chemicals and toxic elements of water. Another thing that you will expect from your water filter is that it can filter the water perfectly with a nice flow rate.

There are some water filters that can filter the water up to 50 gallons per day and this is enough for a large family. With that being said, you would definitely love to have assurance and warranty from your water filter as it will lessen the tension of buying a new one within a short space of time. Besides, if you don’t consider the facts such as installation and ease of use, features, then how would you measure that you have brought the best one for your home? So, consider all of these facts while buying and you will definitely understand the importance of buying the best one.

What Is a Reverse Osmosis Filter?

Reverse osmosis filters work with the reverse osmosis technology and it is a process of water treatment that eradicates salt from seawater. It is also known as water desalination and this type of water filters are used to pure drinking water. The reverse osmosis process includes the forcing of untreated water molecules to a semi-permeable membrane. It blocks the impurities and contaminants. Subsequently, these are expelled from the environment to generate clean drinking water.

Furthermore, the reverse osmosis technology can eliminate diverse molecules and ions from solutions. They are being used for both productions and industrial purposes. While selecting this type of water filter, keep in mind that they have similar designs and surprisingly, they have same work procedure along with same core components. The only differing point is that the filters have a different set of qualities and membranes alongside the number of stages of water filtering process.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Filter Work?

The reverse osmosis filters are water purifier, which has the capacity to remove the disbanded inorganic solids from the water. Almost all these elements will be left behind in the reject stream. Now, the semi-permeable membrane will permit only water to pass through and the contaminants along with impurities will be flushed down the drain. All of these things will need an RO system.

Now, to enhance the push (which means adding significant pressure on the salt side of the reverse osmosis system) we will need a high-pressure pump. The required level of pressure is dependent on the salt depth of the feed water. It means, more pressure will be needed if the depth of the feed water is intense. Also, if a contaminant contains the molecular weight of more than 200, then it will be drained. Carbon dioxide possesses a low molecular weight and, for this reason, it is not removed during reverse osmosis process.

What to consider before buying a Reverse Osmosis Filter?

When you will buy a reverse osmosis water filter, you should consider the following things:

Superiority: Almost all the reverse osmosis faucets are built with stainless steel and you will see a few RO faucets that are made of bronze. Additionally, they will cost you more than the stainless steel ones. However, like everybody, I am sure that you want the best unit that is durable and will run perfectly for a number of years.

Price: Some faucets on online will cost you only $5 and there are also some expensive ones that will cost you no less than $100. So, never consider the cheapest and always go for a mixture of cost-effective faucets with quality performance.

Installation: Generally, there are several faucets that are easy-to-install and don’t even entail any tools for installation. In contrast to this situation, you will also see some faucets that are complicated and thus, you will need professionals to install it in your home.

Types of Faucets: Usually, R.O. faucets are two types and it includes air gap and non air gap faucets. The air gap ones are noisy and can sometimes be messy. However, they are a perfect fit for situations in which waste water may backwash into the R.O. filter.

Final Thoughts

To conclude the guide, I would say that the above five reverse osmosis filters are the best ones and I am quite sure that you will be benefitted if you follow and consider all the facts. Also, don’t forget to read customer reviews as each and every unit has loads of honest reviews from various customers. So, buy the best reverse osmosis filter and enjoy pure drinking water.