Best Water Filter Pitcher (Expert Guide)

One of the must-have items in many households is a water filter pitcher. These systems can remove particulate matter and chemicals and provide safe and great tasting drinking water. A pitcher with a built-in filter also adds the convenience of portability and the availability of fresh, filtered water at any time. Using a water filter pitcher is healthier for you than drinking bottled water and it’s also better for the environment.

So what is the best water filter pitcher on the market? If you find the vast amount of models available confusing in choosing the best one for your home, our water filter pitcher reviews will help you with that. Below you can also view the water filter pitcher comparison of the top products in 2020.

Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

1. Mavea Elemaris Water Filtration Pitcher Review

Mavea Elemaris offers an innovative smart pitcher design. It provides both optimum functionality and style. This is one of the best water filter pitchers for drinking water based on its filtration capability, high quality, innovative design, and price.

The 9-cup glass water filter pitcher comes equipped with a filter cartridge that is WQA certified for reduction of chlorine, as well as other contaminants, such as agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, and industrial pollutants. Some users that have really hard water have also commented that the water felt softer. So this can also be a good water filter pitcher for hard water and well water.

The silver treated filter media maximizes the filter’s life by discouraging the bacteria growth. Additionally, the filter features a micro-screen that minimizes the release of black carbon particles.

The lifespan of the filter is 40 gallons, but you won’t have to guess when the time comes to change it. Mavea Elemaris features a smart meter filter that will help with that. It also measures water hardness, filtered water volume, and length of the time it has been in use.

The unit is made of highest quality materials. The company also offers a filter recycling program. Also, the model is available in different color options.

2. CamelBak Relay Pitcher Review

Another best rated water filter pitcher is the CamelBak Relay. One of the main benefits of this water filter pitcher is the speed with which it filters the water. The pitcher features the Double Pitcher technology. The two Fresh Filters that are built into the pitcher are pleated. This increases the amount of water that is being filtered at a time, and as a result the CamelBak Relay filters up to 10 times faster to most competing water filter pitcher models. It really filters at the speed of water pouring from the faucet.

The filter features plant-based activated carbon that is integrated into non-woven material. According to tests, the CamelBak Relay can remove chloramine, and chlorine taste and odor.

The storage capacity of the pitcher is 10 cups, but it features a space saving slim design that make it easy to fit in most refrigerator doors.

3. PUR 18 Cup Dispenser Review

If you are looking for a bigger capacity water filter pitcher, then you should consider the 18-cup PUR model.

The PUR water filter achieves maximum water contaminant reduction by using the Maxion filter technology. It’s a unique formulation that features a blend of carbon and ion exchange materials. The result of the stages of filtration with this system is that this PUR dispenser can remove up to 96 percent of trace levels of pharmaceuticals, 95 percent of mercury, chlorine taste and odor. The water filter’s capacity is 40 gallons of clean water.

The slim design of the pitcher makes optimal use of the fridge shelf or countertop.

4. Alkaline Pitcher Review

If you are looking for the best alkaline water filter pitcher, then the Pitcher of Life is your best option.

The Pitcher of Life comes from the Life Ionizers brand. It used advanced filtration technology that the company created as an improved filter to the previous one, which used technology developed for NASA. The new Pitcher of Life filter increases pH level, reduces chlorine taste and odor, and adds the beneficial minerals to the water, providing healthy alkaline water.

The replaceable filter lasts 40 gallons, which is about 2 months of use. All the parts including the pitcher, cartridge housing, lid and seal, are all made of BPA-free polycarbonate.

5. Laica Stream Water Filter Pitcher Review

For those that are concerned about maintaining the essential minerals in the water they drink, the Laica Stream is the model they will benefit from.

The Laica is equipped with a bi-flux filter that is developed to preserve the beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The filter helps to maintain the pH balance of the water. The mineral balance properties of this filter were also tested by the WQA.

The Laica Stream features 10 filtration stages. In addition to pH control, the filter provides reduction of heavy metals, chlorine taste and odor, chemicals, bacteria.

The total capacity of the filter is 40 gallons. An electronic indicator eliminates the guesswork of when to change the filter.

The pitcher features a slim design, has the total capacity of 9.7 cups, and is made from food grade quality materials.

6. Wellness Carafe Water Filter Pitcher Review

Welness Carafe offers water filtration in a nice design of the pitcher. It uses multiple stages for water purification and removal of chlorine, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. Moreover, the cartridge contains the enhancement media for improved hydration, negative ions, and soluble minerals. The result is natural tasting water that is healthy for your body.

7. Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher Review

The Brita Marina water filter pitchers features 8 cup capacity. The included filter contains a blend of activated carbon and ion exchange resin. It provides reduction of chlorine, copper, zinc, cadmium, and mercury. To help you keep track of when the time comes for filter replacement, the pitcher features an electronic indicator. When you will see a blinking red light, which should be after about 2 months of use, it’s showing that’s it time for a replacement.

8. Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W Water Filter Pitcher Review

If you want the best water purifier pitcher, one of the top recommendations is the Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W. It will provide you with the same performance as with an installed filtration system. It’s a powered unit, which it uses to provide faster filtration results right before your eyes. Almost instantly you get filtered water.

Its filtration capabilities are 10 times greater over the leading competitors. It was tested to remove 96% of chlorine, 99% of lead, 95% of VOCs, 96% of mercury, 91% of MTBE, 99% of asbestos, and 99% of turbidity. The selective Claryum filtration does not remove the beneficial minerals.

The filter also has a longer lasting life compared to most other water filter pitchers. It will need a replacement only after 6 months. It also has an indicator on the pitcher to remind when that time comes.

The Bottom Line

Water filter pitchers are a great option as an inexpensive, but portable and effective filtration system. You can always keep pure, clean drinking water ready for drinking and store the pitcher in the refrigerator to keep the water cool. In these best water filter pitcher reviews the top picks were chosen based on their filtration capabilities, level of performance and quality, water filter pitcher ratings, design, price, and reviews of users.