iSpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter Review

In amazon, the iSpring RCC7 RO system 75 GPD is a best seller. This review will discuss the reasons why it is a popular choice and why it is one of the best RO system water purifiers, focusing on its features, benefits, specifications, pros and cons, and more.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions :    H 18 ” x W 15 ” x D 8 “
  • Origin:                                USA
  • Model # :                            RCC7
  • Size :                                  1 package
  • Manufacturer :                  iSpring
  • warranty:                          1 year

The iSpring RO system 75 GPD is made of high-quality food-grade materials and is solidly built ensuring you of superb performance. This product is made in the U.S. including the activated carbon and automatic shut-off and check valve. Although this RO system unit is not battery-operated, it can clean up to 75 gallons of water per day. The tank has a water holding capacity of 3.2 gallons. It obtained a gold seal certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA) and was first marketed on July 26, 2010.

Best Benefit

The best benefit offered by iSpring RCC7 is it removes at least 99% of water contaminants and impurities because of the reverse osmosis stage. Large particles such as dust, sand, rust, mud, parasitic cysts, etc. are eliminated during this phase. This water system removes certain chemicals like chlorine, calcium, lead and other harmful elements in the water.

Best Benefit – Why is it a best seller in Amazon?

The by iSpring RCC7 75 GPD is a best seller in Amazon because it offers a complete water filter process that assures you of clean, clear, fresh, safe, and nice-smelling and taste of water for drinking and cooking.

Other Benefits

It breaks up elements in water that are more than 5 microns in size. The iSpring 75 GPD system further removes obstinate particles such as chloramines, lead, sodium, arsenic, cysts.

Target Group (Who are the average users of this product and why they want to use it)

This product is ideal for both residential and light commercial users. They want to use this water purification system because f the following reasons:

  • RO membrane has a bigger square footage
  • fills up tanks faster
  • revolutionary design
  • comes with a brushed European-style nickel stainless steel look
  • an easy-to-use quarter turn handle and durable ceramic valve
  • 3/8-inch water adapter
  • better material storage tank valve
  • premium-quality and long-lasting carbon
  • equipped with a water detector/flood alarm


  • NSF standards filter ability assuring clean and safe water
  • RO high rejection rate membrane that purifies water effectively
  • Silent water filter system
  • Improves the color, odor, and taste of water
  • Purifies 75 gallons of water per a day, making it cost effective as you get enough water so you do not need to buy bottled water
  • Shuts off automatically once the tank is full
  • Purifies tap and chlorinated water
  • Smart faucet design
  • Easy to install with an easy-to-follow manual


  • Requires a 35 psi water pressure to work, so a booster pump is required for low water pressure areas

Practical Details (Product specs, price, where to buy the product, guarantee, delivery)

The other practical details about iSpring RO system 75 GPD are the following:

  • measures H 18” x W 15” x D 8”
  • model # RCC7
  • weighs 25 lbs. with a shipping weight of 26.1 lbs.
  • certified NSF Standards filters and membranes (tested before shipping)
  • automatic shut-off and check valve when the tank is full
  • EU-designed brushed nickel faucet and transparent housing
  • easy-to-fit connections featuring a 4-color tubing set
  • maximum 2000 ppm total dissolved solids
  • 40 – 1000F feed water temperature
  • 40 -80 psi feed water pressure
  • 3.0 – 11.0 – feed water pH
  • 3-day money back policy and 1-year limited satisfaction guarantee
  • Phone/email lifetime support from manufacturer (Atlanta, GA +1 (678) 261-7611)
  • Free shipping from Amazon and delivery is 3 to 8 days


The installation is very easy, you can see more click here

Summary of Amazon Customers’ Reviews

Most of the customers who bought the iSpring 75 GPD from Amazon gave this product a 5-star rating, claiming that it is a SUPERB water system. They are one in saying that it clears water of all impurities. With this equipment, they are confident of drinking clean and safe water. It produces more than their required drinking and cooking water needs. The system is reasonable priced, giving them the value of their money.


The iSpring RCC7 RO 75 GPD water system is a good investment if you require a water purification system that is of excellent quality that delivers continued upgrades and improvements. It is manufactured by a leading U.S. legendary brand and that means it is reliable and honest. This system offers a complete purification process that will ensure you of getting clear, fresh, clean, safe, odor-free, and great-tasting water.