Shower Water Filters

Shower water filters are often absent on the list of necessary household appliances to get but as you are about to find out, this can be a grave mistake.

Most people consider the typical drinking water filter or purifier as being the only filtering device needed in a home.

One can understand this sentiment given the fact that a filter is needed to remove the harmful contaminants in our tap water in order to make it safer and healthier to drink.

However, taking a bath with water that isn’t filtered is no good for our health or skin. Here is why:

Effectiveness of Shower Filters

1) The chlorine in our water is meant to kill bacteria and living micro-organisms before it comes through our pipes. However, as it passes through our system, it attaches itself to the fatty acids of our cells. This phenomena has led some researchers to link the chlorination of water to a small increase in the risk of getting cancer. Some medical experts also attribute chlorine to increased heart and respiratory problems as well as senility.

Now, how does chlorine get in our system? The most obvious way is by drinking tap water that isn’t filtered. This is a problem that can easily be solved by using a reputable water purifier to eliminate the chlorine.

The other way chlorine gets in your system is by taking a shower where it seeps through your pores is through inhalation. As the chlorine turns to steam during a hot shower, it is inhaled and transferred directly into the blood stream. This way poses the same cancer risks as if you were drinking chlorinated water straight from the tap.

Shower head filters not only remove chlorine, but other dangerous chemicals in your tap water such as Trihalomethanes (THMs)and volatile organic chemcials (VOCs) all of which pose serious health risks.


2) Chlorinated water is the enemy of younger looking skin. If you have swam in a pool before, then you know how chlorine strips the natural oils from your skin and hair, hence causing severe dryness.

Once again, a quality shower water filter will effectively remove the chlorine, leaving your skin and hair softer and more radiant. It is like showering with natural spring water.