Faucet Water Filter

A faucet water filter is a low cost solution to the problem that exist within your tap water – contaminants!

Your water supplier and government regulators, do what they can to remove all types of contaminants from your tap water. After all, you don’t hear of people dying from drinking a glass of tap water. However environmental factors and the rusty plumbing within in your house can add chemicals and other contaminants that taint your tap water.

Consequently, over time as you drink this water, you could become more vulnerable to diseases like Alzheimer’s and the big one – CANCER. By some estimates, there are over 2100 carcinogenic contaminants within your tap water.

To get rid of or minimize the levels of these drinking water contaminants you should invest in a water filter.

Now, there are many types of water filters on the market, whole house filters, counter top filters and pitcher filters. And there are even more brands such as Brita, Delta and Pur.

Your choice of water filtration system will often depend on depend on cost and the type of contaminants affecting your tap water.

Your tap water will be subject to 5 stages of water filtration that results in the removal of
100s of contaminants that the eyes can’t see.

Some of these contaminants include, aluminum, chlorine and its by-products, lead, mercury, nickel, insecticides and pesticides; dirt and rust and waterborne organisms like cysts and giardia.

By eliminating these contaminants not only are you reducing the potential health risks but you’ll enjoy great tasting, spring-like water right there in your home.

Old filters actually contaminate your water so don’t neglect replacing replacing the cartridge within your faucet filter.

However, you can prolong the life of your faucet water filter by using the diverter that comes with the device. This allows you to shut off the filtered water and use regular non-treated tap water for things like washing the dishes or hands.