Best Portable Water Softener (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The water that you will get from the tap is hard because it contains a lot of minerals and toxic elements. These minerals consist of calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. Extending this issue, you might not know that this hard water can leave the impurities to your body as well as to your pipes, glassware, etc. Besides, you will not enjoy a smoother shower as the water is too hard for your skin as well.

Nevertheless, to get rid of these problems, water softeners are developed and they ensure that you get the safest of water from the tap. With that being said, if the water softeners are portable and last for more than four weeks, then it is a match made in heaven. So, let’s get started to read our best portable water softeners review.

Top 5 Portable Water Softeners

Below I have briefly explained the top five portable water softeners that have been getting the best reviews and ratings in recent years. They are all top quality and perform when it matters. The only difference between these comes down to preference and how you intend to use them.

1. Portable ‘Mobile-Soft-Water’ Water Softener 6,400 Grain Capacity Manual Regeneration Review

This ‘Mobile-Soft-Water’ water softener is an excellent unit with 6,400 grain capacity. The major benefit of this unit is that you can take it anywhere because it is super portable. Built with a compact and a space-friendly design, you can save a lot of spaces at your home. What’s more, the water softener is durable and it fit perfectly in most of the RV units as well. The regeneration process of this unit is quite straightforward as it does not require electricity to perform the regeneration process. You will able to treat up to 3 gallons of hard water per minute.

Plus, it can remove the soluble calcium and soluble iron from your water; which cause water hardness. So, after using this unit at your home, you will certainly get clean and pure water. Lastly, this ‘Mobile-Soft-Water’ water softener will also provide one-year limited warranty on materials.

2. On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable 16,000 Grain RV Water Softener Review

The Double Standard portable water softener is an enhanced quality water softener that can produce up to 1600 gallons of soft water. Having a capacity of 16,000 grains, this unit is equipped with exceptional features. Plus, it is tailor-made for the RV or Marine owner and it will supply approximately 40% more soft water than any other water softener. The regeneration process of this unit will take only 30 minutes and it will employ only two-table salt for this process.

Additionally, the water softener has a compact design and is space-friendly as well. The features of this unit comprise of easy-to-carry handle on top, big mouth opening for easy salt addition, high-grade premium resin, 360-degree swivel for easy connection of the inlet hose, and travel-friendly option of cap & plug to prevent leakage. Furthermore, this product will definitely remove the hardness from the water and thus, it will give you improved water with great taste and scent. Also, it will increase the lifespan of home appliances at your home.

3. Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 10000 Grains Portable Water Softener Review

Watts RV PRO-1000 is a portable water softener that is very easy-to-install and you can even install it for into the RV’s (Recreational Vehicle) as well. This unit uses salt to condition the hard water and it has a capacity of 10,000 grains. It means it can remove 10,000 grains of water hardness and it’s an exceptional feature for a portable water softener. Plus, the design of the product is quite compact and it will work as a durable unit.

Additionally, this portable water softener has a constant regeneration system, with which the hard water will be converted into soft water. Amazingly, this process will take only 20 minutes. Furthermore, this water softener from Watts is a popular unit for its enhanced portability and it will provide you tasty, odorless, and clear water. Lastly, Watts RV PRO-1000 is a cost-effective and portable unit that will solve the hard water problems for many people.

4. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System Review

This water filter system is a BPA-free system that has two-stage filtering process. This Aquasana AQ-4100 can remove 91% harsh chlorine as well as other synthetic chemicals from your water and it will make your shower water better and moreenjoyable. The filter of the system is tested at a 2.5 gpm and includes a wide range of features. Besides, the cartridge life of the filter is 10,000 gallons and there is replaceable filter cartridge, which is included in the package.

Furthermore, this unit was voted as the “Product of the Year” by Cosmetology Today Magazine and it uses Coconut Shell Carbon & KDF-55D media to improve the shower experience. All of these make it an attractive filter, which can be a great addition to your home.

5. DI-120 Cr Spotless RV Water Softener Review

This water system is precisely designed for cleaning vehicles and it can protect their finish too. The DI-120 CR Spotless system employs a de-ionizing method, which will remove all the minerals from the water as well as it will offer spot-free cleaning of the RV, car, boat, house windows, and motorcycle. What’s more, this water system has a compact design and it is super portable. It comes at a cost-effective price as well. Furthermore, this unit can produce 75-1000 gallons of water from one single resin cartridge and it has a TDS meter, which operates on batteries. With this meter, you can gauge the quality of the water that is being produced by this system.

Concluding Remarks

To conclude the review, I would recommend you to buy one of the water softeners because they are excellent, portable, affordable, and lastly they will certainly remove the hardness of the water. This fact alone can drive any customer to the store to buy any of the water softeners. So, don’t waste time anymore and bring home your preferred portable water softener.

What Is a Portable Water Softener?

A portable water softener unit is capable of using two table salt packets to soften huge amounts of hard water. Usually, they have the capacity to soften water up to 1,000 gallons. Plus, these units are compact as well as light in weight, which permits you to carry them wherever you wish to carry them. Moreover, a portable water softener has many features including outlet caps, water inlets for storage, a handle, test strips to decide the hardness levels of water. Additionally, it has hose adapters with inlets and outlets along with valves, which let the regeneration process, pass through the outlet, as well as inlet hoses by design.

Kinds of Water Softeners

  • Following are the types of water softeners:
  • Whole-House Water Softener
  • Salt-Based Ion Exchange Softener
  • Salt-Free Water Softener
  • Dual-Tank Water Softener
  • Magnetic Water Softener

How Do They Work?

Water softeners work on the basis of a simple chemistry principle. Typically, a water softener includes a resin bead that holds the electrically charged ions and whenever hard water pass through the softener, ions such as calcium and magnesium will be attracted to the charged resin beads. As a result of the removal of these ions, the water will become softer than ever. In this way, a water softener softens hard water and thus, eliminates the toxic elements.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Softener

Before buying a water softener unit, you should consider several factors because you will find too many less-quality water softeners on the market. These factors are as follows:

a)     First of all, you have to measure the water hardness of you home and you can do it by a home test kit.

b)     Secondly, you will determine and find out the type of water softener system that will match your household requirements.

c)      Thirdly, you have to make certain that the softener you are buying has high-quality features and possess a metered style valve for efficient use.

d)     Next, you will think about the size and the capacity of the water softener system as it is essential to meet your expectations.

e)     Afterwards, you must check out the regeneration requirements as it is important to have a perfect regeneration system in the water softeners.

f)       You also have to pick a water softener that works a salt-free system because salt-free softeners don’t harm the home appliances.

g)     Now, you will look for the portability of the water softener because you may have to carry it for outside use.

h)     Finally, you should check and compare the prices of different water softeners to get an idea of the cost. It will also help you to buy the most cost-effective unit as well.