Best Nuvo H2o Water Softener Reviews (TOP 3)

The best rated and most popular salt free water softening systems come from the Nuvo H2O brand. Their innovative systems doesn’t require salt, and runs without electricity or magnets. Best of all, this water softener does not produce waste water, protecting the environment. So the Nuvo H2O water softener will help with the hard water issues in your harm and will not harm the environment. In the Nuvo H2O review below you can learn more about how the system works, its benefits and drawbacks. In the chart you can also compare the top Nuvo H2O systems.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews

Most of the Nuvo H2O water softeners come in compact designs and are available in different sizes such as home, studio and manor.

1. Nuvo H2O Manor Water Softener Review

The Manor is the larger sized Nuvo H2O water softener and is suitable for homes with the square footage over 2000 feet or a home with over 4 bathrooms.

It connects to the water main of 1 to 1.5 inches. If you use the 1.5 inch port, this system also provides the best water flow among the other Nuvo H2O products. With the 15-18 GPM, you’ll not notice any change to the existing water flow.

The cartridge lasts 6 months or approximately 50,000 gallons of water. The design of the unit allows quick and easy replacement of the cartridge, which will take just one minute to complete.

Nuvo H2O Manor is also bulkier compared to the other two models, so expect the unit to take up some space. You can compare the specs in the chart above.

2. Nuvo H2O Home Water Softener System Review

For homes of size about 1,000 to 2,000 square feet, the recommended model is the Nuvo H2O Home. It’s also suitable for homes with up to 3 bathrooms or 3 to 5 people.

The water main connection is ¾ to 1 inch. The 1 inch connection will provide a water flow of about 12-15 GPM.

The cartridge capacity is 35,000 gallons, which should also last about 6 months.

3. Nuvo H2O Studio Water Softener Review

The smallest Nuvo H2O system is the Studio, which should be your choice if your home has under 1000 square feet or up to 2 bathrooms.

The water flow is about the same as with the Home water softener. The water main is ¾ to 1 inch and the water flow is 12-15 GPM.

Per each cartridge, the system provides about 20,000 gallons of conditioned water.

How Nuvo H2O Water Softeners Work?

A lot of people question how effective are salt free water softeners. According to most experts, in order for the water to actually become soft, the hard water minerals should be removed. Salt or potassium is required to remove calcium and magnesium. What a salt free water soften does is make the hard water minerals soluble with the help of a chelating agent citric acid, which prevents them from clinging to each other and creating scale. So this unit does not soften the water, it only conditions it. So while you can expect the Nuvo H2O system to fix the issues of scale buildup in the plumbing system and appliances, it will not be actually soft.

Pros of Nuvo H2O

  • Does not require power for operation.
  • Eco-friendly: produces no waste water.
  • Effective at eliminating scale buildup.
  • Range of different sizes for different sized households.
  • Relatively easy installation.
  • Compact design.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Might not be effective for households with a high hardness level of the water.
  • Every 6 months the system requires cartridge replacement.

The Bottom Line

In most Nuvo H2O water softener reviews the users claim that they saw positive effects after this system. They noticed the hard water spots reduced and the water tasting better.

If you have very hard water, I would recommend choosing a salt based water softener, like Fleck. This will give you more effectiveness and actual water softening.

On the other hand, if the hardness level isn’t that high and your main concern is preventing the scale buildup and corrosion in pipes and appliances, then the eco-friendly Nuvo H2O system can also be a good option for you.

Nuvo water softeners are also worth considering if you are concerned about protecting the environment. Without using the sodium, these systems don’t produce any waste water. The three available models allow choosing the suitable one for particular household size for maximum efficiency. The company provides for their products a 90-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, which shows the confidence of the manufacturer in the high quality of their products. I hope my Nuvo H2O review has been helpful for you.