Best iSpring Reverse Osmosis Reviews (TOP 3)

The dawn of reverse osmosis water filter systems gave us the chance to drink and have cooking water that is free of impurities. Searching for the perfect RO system, though, is quite frustrating with the so many brands available in the market. Choosing the RO water filter system is crucial to ensure that you get clear and safe water as promised. The iSpring water system is one of the leading RO filter systems in the market. We have compiled a review of the top 3 iSpring RO water filter systems to help you decide which model to buy.

Review of the Top 3 iSpring RO Water Filter Systems

1. iSpring RCC7 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter Review

The iSpring RCC7 Under-Sink RO system offers a 5-stage filtration process. It is a US-made product so performance is beyond question.

The 5-stage filtration process consists of a 5-micron filter and a sand and rust filter on the first stage.

The 2nd stage consists of a Granular Activated filter that reduces chlorine and other impurities and elements effectively to improve its taste.

The CTO carbon block filter on the 3rd stage eliminates any remaining tastes, color, and odors and helps in the effectiveness of the pre-filters and extends the life of the membrane.

The 4th filter is the RO membrane, which is described as a “high-rejection” membrane.

It is also known as Thin Film Composite (TFC) and is the core of the iSpring RCC7 RO system that can produce 75 gallons of better quality drinking water in a day similar to the bottled ones.

Reducing any residual odors and tastes in the water is the task of the 5th filter.

Although this RO system looks complex, it is very easy to install and the best part of it is it fits under your kitchen sink.

The iSpring RCC7 eliminates all kinds of inorganic and organic pollutants like lead, arsenic cadmium, magnesium, herbicides, chloride, tannic acids and more.

2. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review

The iSpring RCC7AK is a 6-stage RO system that produces 75 gallons of water per day.

It installs easily under the sink that filters water in six stages.

With the 6-stage filter process, natural magnesium and calcium minerals are restored in the water.

The six filters include the polypropylene sediment (PPP), the Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), the CTO Carbon Block, TFC High-rejection RO membrane, the Total Polishing Inline Carbon and the Alkaline pH filter.

As a result, dust, rust, sand, sediments, particles, unpleasant odors, tastes, cloudiness, chlorine, and any lingering tastes, odors and colors are eliminated from the water.

This assures you of having 75 gallons of clean, crisp-tasting and safe drinking water per day comparable to the quality bottled mineral water sold in supermarkets and groceries.

Moreover, the iSpring RCC7 AK water system allows you to drink water with a balanced pH alkaline level.

It restores the natural sodium, ionized calcium, potassium and magnesium of your water.

It comes with a pre-installed shut-off and check valves that switch off the system automatically once the tank is full.

This water installs under the sink without difficulty and comes complete with the necessary installation tools like the feed water adapter, drain saddle, tank valve, Teflon tape, 3 spare O-rings, 2 spare elbow fittings, two wrenches, and a user manual.

3. iSpring RCC7P 5-Stage RO Water Filter System Review – WQA GOLD SEAL

The iSpring RCC7P reverse osmosis water filter system is patterned on the well-known RCC7 model that uses a 5-filter stage process.

It features a fitted booster pump that increases water pressure to 65 psi, raises the efficiency of the RO membrane and is twice or three times faster in filling up the water storage tank.

The 5-stage filter process includes a 5 micron polypropylene sediment high-capacity filter for the 1st stage; a Granular Activated Carbon Filter on the 2nd stage; a Carbon CTO filter on the 3rd stage; a thin film composite high-rejection reverse osmosis membrane on the 4th stage; and a 10-inch Polishing Inline Carbon system capacity on the 5th stage with a 50/60 psi and 77 dig F tank capacity, producing 75 gallons of water per day.

This iSpring reverse osmosis system has a clear housing on the first stage with a luxury faucet, and an NSF-certified 3.2-gallong tank and quick-connect fittings.

Apart from a built-in booster pump, it also comes with a pressure switch, solenoid valve, and transformer.

Certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA), the iSpring RCC7P acquired a WQA Gold Seal that ascertains its excellent quality after having been tested independently.

It removes up to 99% of over a thousand impurities including fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, lead, fertilizer, pesticide and drugs.

Why Choose iSpring Water RO System?

The iSpring Water reverse system is a good purchase because of the following reasons:

  • Built from high-quality materials
  • Certified against the NSF/ANSI standards garnering 58% for performance and safety
  • Awarded the WQA Gold Seal
  • All iSpring RO systems feature a basic 5-stage filter process that removes up to 99% pollutants including dust, rust, sand, particles, sediments, cloudiness, unpleasant odors, tastes as well as dangerous chemicals like chlorine, magnesium except bacteria and viruses
  • Guaranteed made in the U.S. product
  • Features a multi-stage water filter process with reverse osmosis technology
  • Uses 5-micron pores and 0.0001-micron mega-fine pores RO membrane
  • The iSpring reverse osmosis water systems that have the 6th and 7th stage are capable of removing microorganisms and balancing the pH alkaline level of your water.

The Pros and Cons of iSpring Reverse Osmosis Systems

The iSpring reverse osmosis water filter systems are effective in purifying your drinking water. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of this product.


  • Eliminates up to 99% of all pollutants and contaminants
  • Removes all heavy metals like mercury, lead, copper, nitrates, and nitrites
  • Gives you clean and safe drinking water without any after taste and odors
  • Installs in less time to fill up the storage tank
  • Perfect for medium and large-size family
  • Comes with several highly attractive features and add-ons


  • Requires pressure of at least 35 psi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where to buy iSpring reverse osmosis systems?

A:  iSpring RO systems are sold online, but the best place to buy it is at

Q:  What is the time shipping at

A:  Amazon time shopping is as follows:

The standard shipping time in the contiguous US is 4 – 5 business days, while shipping time in the Asia and Pacific regions vary depending on the country the product is to be shipped. The standard shipping time for Vietnam is 22-30 days; 9-15 days for China; 9-12 days for Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, India, New Zealand; 17-26 days for Indonesia, 17-30 days for Taiwan; 18-26 days for the Philippines. Customers can choose expedited or priority shipping for shorter shipping time.

Q: What is the warranty for iSpring reverse osmosis water filter systems?

A:  The iSpring RO water filter systems are offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. These products are also offered with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime technical support.

Q:  How do you activate your iSpring RO system warranty?

A:  To activate your iSpring RO system warranty, submit the order confirmation to [email protected] together with your comments. Thus, you get the warranty from iSpring and not from Amazon.


The iSpring reverse osmosis water systems give you the cleanest, best tasting and safest drinking water. These RO water systems have received good feedbacks from people who bought this product, claiming they are reliable and excellent. This brand of the reverse osmosis water system is definitely a superb choice if you want clean and safe drinking water for your family.