About Best Water Filter Guide

The Best Water Filter Guide is geared towards opening your eyes to the dangerous contaminants that exist in your tap water and revealing which home filtration unit removes these contaminants most effectively.

We Have Researched & Written About The Following

  • The possible health effects of drinking water contaminants
  • Why some bottled water may not be as clean as you think
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the various types of water filtration units such as whole house filters, shower head and faucet mounted filters etc.
  • Which is the best water filter brand, consistently voted Best Buy In America
  • Health benefits of drinking water that is filtered
  • How home water filtration systems work
  • What a comparison of the various methods of water purification, such as, reverse osmosis and distillation reveals
  • How filtered water gives your children a head start in life
  • Which water filter can have virtually an immediate impact on your skin, making it look more healthy and radiant
  • Why the government cannot be totally relied on to carry out effective water quality monitoring
  • The #1 thing to know that guarantees you’re purchasing a quality water purifier or filter
  • The best way to store your drinking water
  • Replacement cartridges and other costs involved in owning a filtration unit
  • And lots more information on the Best Water Filter Guide that helps you bring cleaner, healthier water into your home and bodies